A Selective, Active Approach to Senior-Secured Loans

A selectively constructed portfolio of senior-secured loans offers investors the potential to significantly improve the risk-reward characteristics of their fixed-income portfolios. Our approach is to be selective and active with a focus on larger, more liquid issues.

Offered through the Aristotle Floating Rate Income Fund.


A Customized, Collateral-Focused CLO Investment Offering

A comprehensive approach to investing across liabilities and equity of CLOs managed by experienced credit managers. Offered in commingled fund vehicles.


Bottom-Up, Credit-Intensive Analysis of High-Yield Bonds

An actively managed portfolio of high-yielding corporate bonds offers investors the potential to enhance overall diversification and boost current income. Through a selective, credit-intensive approach, our experienced high-yield team builds portfolios from the bottom up, one issuer at a time, with a keen eye for value.

Offered through the Aristotle High Yield Bond Fund.


Agility, Access and Experience in Investment-Grade Bonds

When selecting a core or core-plus fixed-income strategy, we believe investors should consider the management team’s expertise, market access, and transactional agility. The strategy seeks to outperform the Barclays US Aggregate Index by investing primarily in investment-grade debt, with a focus on corporate credit. (The strategy may also invest in non-investment grade sectors along with sectors outside that of the Barclays US Aggregate Index.) Our core strategies benefit from seasoned and distinguished investment professionals sharing a unique perspective across credit markets.

Offered through the Aristotle Core Income Fund.


Current Income, Low Interest-Rate Risk

Our short-duration strategy invests in limited-maturity securities across credit classes and capital structures. We seek to position portfolios to provide investors with current income and limited exposure to interest-rate risk.

Offered through the Aristotle Short Duration Income Fund.


Tactical and Opportunistic Allocations to Credit Classes

The dynamic nature of credit markets presents opportunities for investors to improve outcomes by tactically allocating capital among asset classes. Our approach seeks to gain an advantage based on our focus and perspective in credit and agility within credit asset classes. Our strategic credit strategy invests opportunistically across the broad range of bank-loan, high-yield and investment grade opportunities with emphasis on relative-value analysis.

Offered through the Aristotle Strategic Income Fund.


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